Ushidoki Wagyu Kaiseki

Ozaki beef is from Miyazaki Prefecture,Southern part of Japan. It was less than 2 hours from Tokyo by Air. It is refers to the Wagyu cattle raised in the farm that owned by Mr. Muneharu Ozaki. He is also the only farmer in Japan that actually markets his own beef by using his name.

Mr. Ozaki decided to produce his beef in Japan after he had studying the most advanced techniques relating to beef cattle production at a farm in USA. His motive is to produce the beef that he and his family and friends can enjoy eating everyday. He duly took over a farm and started by raising 100 cattle, after more than 30 yrs of effort, he was finally satisfied by the flavor of his beef, and named it as “Ozaki Beef”.

Most of the Wagyu in Japan and slaughtered at around 28 months.However, Mr.Ozaki believes that the flavor continues to improve as they become mature. So he slaughtered them at 32-34 months.

Instead of grading the beef by the marbling, colour and fat. Mr. Ozaki is much into the real taste of beef. He want to produce the beef that is flavoursome, easily digested so that you can eat the whole slab of beef without being overwhelmed by its richness.


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