Sat, Oct 20

National Stadium
Sat, Oct 20

Wau Live 2018

National Stadium

Sat, Oct 20

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Wakin Chau is set to take the stage at the National Stadium for the very first time as he will be headlining for “WAU Live 2018”, held in conjunction with the final edition of the BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore presented by SC Global on 20 October.

Known for being the “Nation’s Song King’, Wakin Chau had a successful sold-out concert of 9,000 seats at his tour stop here in August last year. This time round, he is set to perform to approximately 20,000 fans, belting out 2-hours’ worth of classic hits like “Feng Yu Wu Zu”, “Qi Shi Bu Xiang Zou”, “Ji Mo De Yan”, “Peng You” and more.

Joanna Dong, a seasoned jazz vocalist of 10 years is also a versatile artist who won the Best Supporting Actress in ST Life! Theatre Awards the same year she released her debut jazz EP Lullaby Nomad in 2008. Last year, Joanna participated in China’s “Sing! China Season 2” under the tutelage of Jay Chou, who was impressed by her unique interpretation of jazz music. She finished third in the competition and has since released three consecutive singles and held a solo concert, “So Here I Am”, last June.

ShiLi & Adi is a well-known duo in the local music scene and has performed at four editions of the F1 Singapore Grand Prix (2012 – 2015), amongst many other major local events during their eight years in the industry. Since 2015, their talents have taken them to Jakarta to perform on some of Indonesia’s major TV stations such as KOMPAS TV, NET TV and JAWA POS TV. In March 2017, ShiLi & Adi was handpicked by Candra Darusman (a legendary Jazz pianist and composer from Indonesia) to collaborate on his album and the only foreign act to join a list Indonesian A-listers - Sheila Majid, Afghan, Glenn Fredly, and more in doing so.


为配合新加坡最后一届的WTA 年终总决赛 (BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore presented by SC Global) ,周华健即将于10 月20 日为《WAU LIVE 2018》首次空降新加坡国家体育场。

“国民歌王”的周华健去年8 月新加坡个唱的9000 张门票全数售罄,呈现了一票难求的景象。这次周华健将会现场为2 万名歌迷呈现2 小时一连串脍炙人口的经典代表作,如《风雨无阻》、《其实不想走》、《寂寞的眼》、《朋友》、《花心》、《让我欢喜让我忧》等等金曲。

拥有10 年爵士乐演唱经验的董姿彦于2008 年踏入演艺圈,发行首张个人专辑《Lullaby Nomad》(寻曲人),并于同年获颁《海峡时报》的“ST Life! Theatre Awards” 最佳女配角 奖。多才多艺的董姿彦更在去年成功走出海外,凭参加《中国新歌声 2》荣获季军而名声大噪,她与众不同的爵士演绎风格更深获节目导师周杰伦的厚爱。之后董彦姿演出不断,连续发行了三首单曲,并在今年 6 月举办了《我是真的》个人演唱会。

ShiLi & Adi 是本地音乐界知名的二人组合。出道8 年以来,两人曾登上多个大型活动的舞台,包括连续4 年(2012 至2015)在F1 新加坡大奖赛(F1 Singapore Grand Prix)的舞台上献唱。自2015 年以来,两人更屡次受邀到印尼的各大电视台演出,如Kompas TV、NET TV 和 Jawa Pos TV 。去年,来自印尼的传奇爵士钢琴家兼作曲家Candra Darusman 亲自指定ShiLi & Adi 参与制作他的专辑。两人也是团队中唯一的外国歌手,其余参与者均是印尼一线大牌巨星如 Sheila Majid、Afghan 和Glenn Fredly 等。


  • Sat, Oct 20 at 7:00 PM

    Doors Open Time: 6.00pm

    Duration: Approx. 3 hours
    Language: Chinese