Thu, Dec 5

The Merry Lion
Thu, Dec 5

Lynn Ruth Miller: I Never Said I Was Nice

The Merry Lion

Thu, Dec 5

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The poster girl for growing old, the only thing that frightens Lynn is her own reflection. Going strong at 85 years old, Lynn punctuates her hate for ageism with shocking stories about dating octogenarians. The oldest female stand-up in the business (RIP Joan Rivers), this show promises to remind young people that you too can be absolutely outrageous, but only when you're too old to give a damn.

Following a career as a writer, tutor, and newspaper columnist, Ohio-born Lynn Ruth Miller decided to hobble onto a comedy stage at the tender age of 71. Her self-published book Starving Hearts received critical acclaim as an autobiographical novel recounting her struggle with bulimia and an overbearing mother, reminding others with eating disorders that just like Lynn, they too could help themselves.

Dubbed the new Joan Rivers of Fringe Comedy at the Edinburgh Festival (it helps when the old one dies) - Lynn is a regular at the San Francisco Punchline, The Stand in Scotland, and The International in Dublin, where her unique blend of storytelling, cabaret, and stand-up comedy continue to prove that her aging is amazing!

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  • Thu, Dec 5 at 8:00 PM

    Doors Open TIme: 6:30pm

    Duration: Approx. 2 hours
    Language: English

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