Sat, Nov 24

Singapore Indoor Stadium
Sat, Nov 24

蕭敬騰 娛樂先生 世界巡迴演唱會 新加坡站

Singapore Indoor Stadium

Sat, Nov 24

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Eng 中文

After a 3-year hiatus, Taiwanese singer song-writer Jam Hsiao is back with the highly-anticipated ‘Mr Entertainer’ World Tour at the Singapore Indoor Stadium this November!

After the power-packed concert world tour ‘Mr Rock’ in 2009 and ‘TRIPLE JAM’ in 2015, the powerhouse is back with his brand-new world tour this year! Kick-started this May at the iconic Taipei Arena, Jam’s first show of his new tour was nothing short of amazing. Come 24th November, the same show is set to create laughter and memories by none other than the ‘Mr Entertainer’ Jam Hsiao himself.

The new world tour represents the ideals and passion of Jam Hsiao and is more so as he has immersed himself in the planning and execution of each and every element of the concert, from audio-visual to the design of the stage, with utmost sincerity and precision. Another highlight of the show comes in the form of support from major international fashion brands such as Gucci, Loewe, Chanel, and Moncle, with concert costumes equivalent to that of a fashion show which will definitely be a feast for the eyes.

Jam Hsiao ‘Mr Entertainer’ World Tour live in Singapore promises top-notch concert experience with style. Be captivated by Jam’s mesmerizing vocal and charismatic presence on stage.

Don’t miss this chance to catch him live at this one-night-only music extravaganza!



“金曲歌王” 萧敬腾 暌违3年再度回归新加坡室内体育馆震撼开唱!

出道10周年 全新巡演 “萧敬腾 娱乐先生 世界巡回演唱会”

藉由音乐让你一窥 天生表演者 萧敬腾!

“金曲歌王” 萧敬腾暌违3年再度回归新加坡室内体育馆开唱! 继2009 年 “洛克先生” 强势秒杀完售登场; 2012 年 “有一种精神叫萧敬腾” 魅力席卷全世界; 2015年 “TRIPLE JAM 萧敬腾世界巡回演唱会” 一场视觉听觉嗅觉的动感盛宴后, 全新巡回 “萧敬腾 娱乐先生 世界巡回演唱会” 终于在今年5月从台北小巨蛋开跑!而新加坡站也在千呼万唤中确定在11月24日回归新加坡室内体育馆震撼开唱!

这次巡演名称 “娱乐先生”, 萧敬腾说“我就是来娱乐大家,观众想要什么,我就尽全力去付出”, 其实也正是形容萧敬腾在出道这些年里,总是不遗余力的将所想表达的精神、意念, 藉由音乐毫无保留的呈现, 不仅给于力量陪伴着每一位听众,更同时可见他天生身为表演者的天赋,完美衬托萧敬腾为舞台而生的非凡气度!

而这次的演唱会,无论在音响,视觉,舞台设计等细节,萧敬腾也皆全程参与讨论就是想带给大家最完美的顶级享受!除此之外, 萧敬腾在这次巡演中为了展现超大诚意,除了在硬体设备上让大家有顶级享受, 在这次巡演也获得来自四面八方国际一线大牌精品如Gucci、Loewe、Chanel、Moncler的倾力支持提供服装并穿出属于自己的态度,绝对也会让观众像是看了一场眼花缭乱的Fashion Show!

舞台上是一场属于你和我的演出,聚光灯下,娱乐先生将会用音乐陪着大家欢喜,疯狂,或哭,或笑!“萧敬腾 娱乐先生 世界巡回演唱会” 新加坡站, 我们约定你11月24日,不见不散!


  • Sat, Nov 24 at 8:00 PM

    Doors Open Time: 6.30pm

    Duration: Approx. 2 hours
    Language: Chinese

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