Dec 7 - 9

Dec 7 - 9

Djakarta Warehouse Project 2018 – DWP X


Dec 7 - 9

  • 3-DAY PASS
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    ► This is a Free Standing event.

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Djakarta Warehouse Project began its journey in 2008 as merely a club event that took place in Jakarta's renowned Blowfish club called Blowfish Warehouse Project. Starting from 2010, the festival has been held annually in the month of December as a one-day festival until it expanded into a two-day festival in 2014. 

The festival upholds one of the most consequential values that Indonesia possesses; diversity. A wide spectrum of sub-genres under the dance music category are given a platform through the multiple stages in the festival, one of them being the bird-shaped main stage called 'Garuda Land' inspired by the country's coat of arms, Garuda Pancasila.

Throughout its nine editions, some of the world's biggest acts have graced the stages of Djakarta Warehouse Project including Steve Aoki, Carl Cox, Skrillex, Tiesto, Diplo, Major Lazer, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Armin van Buuren, Axwell x Ingrosso, and DJ Snake, amongst many.

In 2015, Djakarta Warehouse Project was crowned 'The Best EDM Festival of 2015' by EDM Sauce. In 2016, the festival saw more than 20,000 travellers from 39 countries around the globe over the course of two days. 

The festival has also hosted the Asian debut of Barcelona's Elrow touring concept in 2017 with its very own special stage and spectacle of colours. In the same year, hip hop acts made their debut at the festival as the entire 88rising clan and Desiigner descended to the festival.

In 2018, it is set to make a triumphant return for its 10th Anniversary Edition on 7,8,9 December 2018 at GWK Cultural Park, Bali called #DWPX.



  • Fri, Dec 7 at 4:00 PM
  • Sat, Dec 8 at 4:00 PM
  • Sun, Dec 9 at 4:00 PM

    Event ends at 3:00am

Terms and Conditions


► This is strictly an event for those who are at least 18 years of age.
► Guests must show valid photo ID to enter the event.
► Guests without valid photo ID will be denied admission without refund.
► National Identification Card or Kartu Tanda Penduduk (KTP) for Indonesian citizens, Driving License, Passport and Basic Resident Registration Card are valid forms of photo ID.


► No unauthorized vending allowed.
► No unauthorized solicitations, handbills, sampling or giveaways.
► No camping or overnight attendance.
► Alcohol purchase is strictly for festival-goers who are at least 21 years old.
► All customers must exchange their e-vouchers to wristbands before entering the venue.
► You must wear your wristband at all time on the venue. Don’t lose it! Those who lose their wristband for any reason will not be allowed entry into the event.
► Any person within the event not in possession of a valid wristband, will be removed. There are no exceptions.
► You must present a valid photo ID at the entrance of the venue.
► The organizers and promoters are not responsible for tickets that are purchased from any third-party entities/platforms/places that are not reg-istered as an official ticket box partner of the festival.
► Artists are subject to change or withdrawal. In the event of such change or withdrawal, refunds will not be given.
► In certain circumstances some areas within the venue may become restricted.
► The organizers, promoters, and artists are not liable for any compensation and/or cancellation charges for travel expenses resulting from the event be-ing cancelled or postponed.
► Guests who are behaving in a disorderly, offensive or inappropriate manner, and guests who refuse to obey instructions/warnings from event staff will be removed from the festival immediately. No refunds will be given.
► Any attempt to enter the event without a valid ticket or valid credentials will result in the immediate removal from event grounds. In certain cases we will contact police and press charges against the violators.
► The event operators, organizers, promoters, and artists cannot be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged possessions or accidents resulting in injury occurring anywhere in the venue during the event regardless of fault or reason.
► We suggest you to not bring any luggage (such as backpack, travel luggage, briefcase, etc).
► We will refuse entry to guests who are severely intoxicated, clearly affected by drugs or deemed unfit for entry. Anyone found carrying these items will be reported to the police immediately. No refunds will be given. Guests found to possess illegal substances, weapons and/or other prohibited items will also be refused entry.
► Any outside food or beverage is strictly prohibited inside the event.
► The organizer will not use or disclose guests’ personal information collected at the time of ticket purchase without consent.
► We do not appreciate shirtless people and visitors who take their shirts off will be asked to put them back on.
► Guests who are removed from the venue for any reasons will be banned from re-entering the event.
► The event is intended to be a friendly and enjoyable event.


All attendees are subject to being searched prior to entry into the event, including members of the media. By requesting entry into the event, all attendees shall be subject to a thorough airport-style pat down search, including emptying pockets and bags, and having your items examined. Electronic drug detector and K-9 search will be used. Event organizer shall, at all times, reserve the right to either deny any person entry into or to eject any person from the event, who in the sole and absolute discretion of event organizer is in violation of event rules, which rules may be updated from time to time, with or without notice.


Ismaya Live and its affiliations/association reserves the right to film, record, and/or photograph the visitor, participant or wristband holder's image, likeness, action, and/or statement of this event for television, moving picture, webcast and/or other public broadcast in any medium for any purpose. Any visitor, participant and/or wristband holder of this show hereby fully releases and discharges Ismaya Live (including its employees and subsidiaries) and its affiliations/association from any rights, claims, dam-ages, losses, liabilities, fines and causes of action whatsoever arising directly or indirectly from the filming, recording and/or photography of this event.

Exchange And Refund Policy

1. The Organiser/Venue Owner reserves the right without refund or compensation to refuse admission/evict any person(s) whose conduct is disorderly or inappropriate or who poses a threat to security, or to the enjoyment of the Event by others.

2. Ticket holders assume all risk of injury and all responsibility for property loss, destruction or theft and release the promoters, performers, sponsors, ticket outlets, venues and their employees from any liability thereafter.

3. The resale of ticket(s) at the same or any price in excess of the initial purchase price is prohibited.

4. There is no refund, exchange, upgrade or cancellation once ticket(s) are sold.