Jan 29 & 30

UTown Dance Atelier 2, Stephen Riady Centre, University Town
Jan 29 & 30

ExxonMobil Campus Concerts Corpus by REACT

UTown Dance Atelier 2, Stephen Riady Centre, University Town

Jan 29 & 30

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Advisory (Some Mature Themes)

Be it Achilles’ fatal spot of vulnerability of Hephaestus’ deformity – the body has been acknowledged as far more than a mere functional vessel since classical antiquity. Throughout history, the ideal body has taken many different forms; beginning with an era that prized evolutionary functionality, to the current fixation on aesthetic.

CORPUS is a play that explore the complex relationship that we have with our bodies. The body is a space of constant negotiation. Having subjected our bodies to constant scrutiny and standards, have we forgotten that it exist not as an ornamental showpiece, but in fact as a vehicle to fulfil primal needs?

Inspired by the reactionary nature of theatre, REACT is a 5-member theatrical ensemble that attempts to spark conversation, interrogate perspectives, and engage people in issues that are core to the human condition.



  • Tue, Jan 29 at 7:30 PM

    Doors Open Time: 7.15pm

  • Wed, Jan 30 at 7:30 PM

    Doors Open Time: 7.15pm

    Duration: Approx. 1.5 hours
    Language: English

Admission Policy

1. Admission to show/venue by full ticket only. Printed or electronic tickets must be produced for admission.

2. Infants in arms and children under 6 years old will not be admitted into the performance venue.

3. Adults and children 6 years old and above will each require a ticket for admission.

4. Possession of a ticket does not reserve a specific seat position, unless otherwise stated on the ticket. 

5. No reservation of seats is allowed.

6. Latecomers will only be admitted during intervals, if any.

7. No photography, audio and/or video recording is allowed during the performance. 

8. No eating and/or drinking is allowed at the performance venue.

Exchange And Refund Policy

1. The Organiser/Venue Owner reserves the right without refund or compensation to refuse admission/evict any person(s) whose conduct is disorderly or inappropriate or who poses a threat to security, or to the enjoyment of the Event by others.

2. Ticket holders assume all risk of injury and all responsibility for property loss, destruction or theft and release the promoters, performers, sponsors, ticket outlets, venues and their employees from any liability thereafter.

3. The resale of ticket(s) at the same or any price in excess of the initial purchase price is prohibited.

4. There is no refund, exchange, upgrade or cancellation once ticket(s) are sold.