Thu, Oct 24

Esplanade Theatre
Thu, Oct 24


Esplanade Theatre

Thu, Oct 24

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    CAT 2: $50
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    CAT 4 (Restricted View): $50
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    CAT 1: $45
    CAT 2: $32
    CAT 3: $20
    CAT 4 (Restricted View): $32
    CAT 5 (Restricted View): $20

    * Senior Citizens aged 60 years old and above.
    ** Full-time Students with valid student pass.
    *** Children aged 3-12 years old.

    CAT 1: $56/per ticket
    CAT 2: $40/per ticket
    CAT 3: $24/per ticket
    CAT 4 (Restricted View):
    $40/per ticket
    CAT 5 (Restricted View):
    $24/per ticket

    ♦ Includes entry to 1 SUZHOU BALLET THEATRE “CINDERELLA” production + SUZHOU BALLET THEATRE “TANG YIN” production. To find out more about SUZHOU BALLET THEATRE “TANG YIN” production, please visit here.

    CAT 1: $49/per ticket
    CAT 2: $35/per ticket
    CAT 3: $21/per ticket
    CAT 4 (Restricted View):
    $35/per ticket
    CAT 5 (Restricted View):
    $21/per ticket

    ♦ Discount is only applicable with a group booking of 10 tickets from the same category in a single transaction.

    (2 Adults + 1 Child)
    CAT 1: $180/per family
    CAT 2: $126/per family
    CAT 3: $78/per family
    CAT 4 (Restricted View):
    $126/per family
    CAT 5 (Restricted View):
    $78/per family

    The above offers cannot be used at the same time.
    ► Concession holders (SENIOR CITIZEN / STUDENT / CHILD) unable to produce a valid ID upon admission are required to upgrade their concession ticket to a full-price STANDARD ticket.
    ► Ticket price excludes booking fee.


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Funded recipient of Jiangsu Arts Found 2017


Directors/Choreographers: Ying Li, Jiabin Pan

Stage Designer: Jiang Han

Lighting Designer: Xiaji Chen

Costume Designer: Weihong Ran, Jiajuan Xu

Music: Sergey Prokofiev


Cinderella in Grimm's fairy tales is the most classic and well-known fairy tale in the world, which conveys the unremitting pursuit of truth, kindness and beauty to the world. In 2016, Suzhou Ballet Theatre produced the ballet Cinderella, which used a pair of glass slipper as the main line to divide the two different spaces of Cinderella's reality and ideal. The scenery is simple and creative, while the costumes are exaggerated and distinctive, showing the modern fashion style concept. The choreography with modern choreography techniques highlights the humor of the drama, and explores the inner world of the characters, so that the young audience can comprehend the truth of life from a fairy tale world.


In 2018, Cinderella was invited by The Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra to perform in Qatar National Convention Centre Grand Theatre.


Suzhou Ballet Theatre
Suzhou ballet Theatre, a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Era Group, is the seventh professional ballet company in China and the only one in Jiangsu province. The company is established in June 2007 and Artistic Directors are Ying Li and Jiabin Pan. Members come from Beijing Dance Academy, Shanghai Drama Academy and major ballet companies in China.

Several ballet works created by Suzhou Ballet Theatre have been selected into the projects funded by China National Arts Fund and Jiangsu Arts Fund for many times, and have been assigned by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to have international cultural exchange activities in more than 10 countries and regions around the world.

Ying Li / Jiabin Pan

Artistic Directors/Choreographers

Jiabin Pan and Ying Li are husband and wife. They both graduated from Beijing Dance Academy in 1987 and joined the National Ballet of China as principal dancers in the same year. In 1992, they were recruited to join Ballet Met in Columbus, Ohio of the United States, before dancing with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre for twelve years until retiring from the stage in 2006.


In 2007, Ying Li and Jiabin Pan returned to Suzhou to further their love of ballet and pursue their passion of choreography. Their creative works for Suzhou Ballet Theatre include: Double Happiness, Chopin's Poem, Dancing on Rock (2008), Su SHOW (2009), Romeo and Juliet (2010), Coppelia (2011), Legend of Beauty (2012), The Nutcracker (2013), Carmen (2014), Cinderella (2016), Tang Yin (2017) and Swan Lake (2019).


Under their leadership, Suzhou Ballet Theatre is in constant innovation in creating legacy and making ballet history in China.
















苏州芭蕾舞团是新时代集团旗下的全资子公司,是中国第七个成立、也是江苏省唯一的专业芭蕾舞团。舞团成立于2007年6月,现任艺术总监李莹、潘家斌;舞团演员均来自北京舞蹈学院、上海戏剧学院以及国内各大芭蕾舞团。苏芭创作的舞剧曾多次入选国家艺术基金、江苏艺术基金等资助项目, 并多次受国家文化和旅游部委派开展国际文化交流活动,演出足迹遍布全球十多个国家和地区。


李莹 / 潘家斌










  • Thu, Oct 24 at 2:00 PM

    Doors Open Time: 1:30pm

  • Thu, Oct 24 at 8:00 PM

    Doors Open Time: 7:30pm

    Duration: Approx. 2 hours
    Interval: 15 minutes
    Language: Chinese with English subtitles

Admission Policy

1. Admission to show/venue by full ticket only. Printed or electronic tickets must be produced for admission.

2. Infants in arms and children under 3 years old will not be admitted into the performance venue.

3. Adults and children 3 years old and above will each require a ticket for admission.

4. Latecomers will only be admitted during intervals, if any.

5. No professional photography and videography is allowed during the performance. 

6. No eating and/or drinking is allowed at the performance venue.

Exchange And Refund Policy

1. The Organiser/Venue Owner reserves the right without refund or compensation to refuse admission/evict any person(s) whose conduct is disorderly or inappropriate or who poses a threat to security, or to the enjoyment of the Event by others.

2. Ticket holders assume all risk of injury and all responsibility for property loss, destruction or theft and release the promoters, performers, sponsors, ticket outlets, venues and their employees from any liability thereafter.

3. The resale of ticket(s) at the same or any price in excess of the initial purchase price is prohibited.

4. There is no refund, exchange, upgrade or cancellation once ticket(s) are sold.

5. Should the event be cancelled, the price of the ticket(s), excluding $1 booking fee per ticket, will be refunded to the Purchaser.

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