Sat, Jul 6

Singapore Indoor Stadium
Sat, Jul 6

SINCE 5566 新加坡演唱会 2019

Singapore Indoor Stadium

Sat, Jul 6

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Taiwanese boyband 5566 is set to perform live at the Singapore Indoor Stadium this July with their new tour [Since 5566]!

Dubbed Asian’s top boy band back in 2000s, 5566 was undoubtedly one of the most popular boybands during the heyday of the Taiwanese boyband sensation. Besides singing, 5566 was also involved in various other areas such as acting and hosting since debut, garnering love and support from fans across Asia. In 2009, 5566 members went on to work on their career separately. Despite their individual achievement in the acting and hosting scene since then, 5566 has never forgotten their passion for singing.


2019 mark the year where dream comes true for both 5566 and their fans. After a decade-long hiatus, 5566 returns with a bang with their reunion concert in February this year where they performed to a sold-out crowd at the iconic Taipei Arena. The comeback concert featuring Tony Sun, Zax Wang and Jason Hsu brought fans down memory lane with titles such as <Legend>, <Feng Yun Bian Se> and <I’m Sad> from their then popular idol dramas. Coupled with dashing outfits and incredible stage effects, fans can expect electrifying performances from the high-spirited 5566.


Following the success of the reunion concert in Taipei, [Since 5566] concert will hit Singapore shore this July. Be prepared for an unforgettable evening of entertaining surprises and laughter with 5566!



Since 55665566开始



56不能亡! 经典再现, 传奇登场, 亚洲天团”5566”在全亚洲歌迷的引颈期盼下大势回归! “SINCE 5566 台北小巨蛋演唱会2019” 一万张门票秒杀, 难忘海外歌迷的热情, “SINCE 5566新加坡演唱会2019” 7月6日震撼登入新加坡室内体育馆!

自数年前,5566结束以团体形式的公开活动后,团员各自单飞发展,不管在戏剧或综艺演出,都有十分亮眼的好成绩。但团员们并未忘情演唱的工作,而且歌迷始终如一的支持着他们,再次合体站上舞台一直是他们的期待,也是上万粉丝们的梦想. 而期盼许久,始终只闻楼梯响的亚洲天团5566,终于在2019年2月23日(六)首次站上台北小巨蛋,举办「Since 5566 台北小巨蛋演唱会」。在全场超过上万歌迷引颈期盼下孙协志、王仁甫、许孟哲与歌迷一起美梦成真.


三人一身劲装献唱偶像剧主题曲, 从〈传说〉、〈风云变色〉,到〈无所谓〉、〈我难过〉..等,接连二、三十首歌曲重现天团气势. 演唱会万梗齐发,先是气势磅礡的开场,接着爆点不断;结束后立即引来网路上一波波的讨论热潮,并连登热搜排行榜!


出道十七年的5566将再次出航, 7月6日, 经典传奇重磅再现新加坡室内体育馆!

一段爱与我们的故事 “SINCE 5566新加坡演唱会2019”, 让我们一起再度见证奇迹!


  • Sat, Jul 6 at 7:30 PM

    Doors Open Time: 6.00pm

    Duration: 2 hours
    Language: Chinese

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