Getting to Know Us Better

Jackson Chaw, Ticket Office Team Leader

Jackson Chaw (final).jpg

1. Tell us about what you do

I work as the Ticket Office Team Leader. My job scope is to assist the Ticket Office Supervisor in the daily operations of both our call centre and box office, to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Apart from that, we as a team also operate in road shows / door sales at various event venues.

2. What are you passionate about and how does that help you in your job?

The feeling of accomplishment when a major event (e.g. during event on-sales or during event day) is successfully concluded. This helps me gain self-confidence and I feel empowered and ready to take on the next challenge. 

3. What do you love about your job?

I am very fortunate to be working amongst a fun and responsible team, the best I have ever worked with.

As most people are aware, we provide ticketing solutions to different genre of events which includes Sports and Music. Well, I am into Soccer and K-pop Music. So having met a significant number of fans from our customer base who share the same enthusiasm; makes me all the more determined to provide quality customer service and advice to the best I can. I certainly hope my recommendations wouldn’t be too biased though!  

4. Describe your everyday routine in 10 words

Set your priorities right and nothing shall hold you back.