Sat, Aug 26

Singapore Indoor Stadium
Sat, Aug 26

[SOLD OUT] 周华健 [今天唱什么] 世界巡回演唱会 再团圆版 Wakin Chau 2017 World Tour

Singapore Indoor Stadium

Sat, Aug 26

  • VIP: $198
    CAT 1: $178
    CAT 2: $158
    CAT 3: $138
    CAT 4: $118
    CAT 5: $98
    CAT 6 (Side View): $178
    CAT 7 (Side View): $138
    CAT 8 (Side View): $98

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    ► Ticket Pricing excludes Booking Fee.

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Due to overwhelming response, we have SOLD OUT tickets for this Concert!

Wakin Chau 2017 World Tour

            2017 marks Wakin’s 30th anniversary in the music scene and he has prepared many special segments for his fans in celebration of this special occasion. As Wakin once said, being a singer all his life, his greatest wish is to sing whichever song his fans hope to hear at his concert. Wakin looks forward to meet all his fans to create a heart-warming reunion party at the concert.

            There is bound to be a song by Wakin that will warm your heart in all circumstances and life stages. In celebratory occasions or heartbreaking moments, affectionate Wakin always has a song for you. Wakin Chau, multiple award-winning Taiwanese Singer and Songwriter, is back with his new tour: Wakin Chau Singapore Concert 2017. The maestro of mandarin ballad has released more than 40 albums in Mandarin, Cantonese and English, including platinum albums such as You Make Me Happy and Sad (讓我歡喜讓我憂), Flower's Heart (花心), Music Brings Us Together (有弦相聚), and Friends (朋友), which sold for more than tens of millions of albums. With his immense international popularity, Wakin packs concert halls wherever he goes. Famous for his bright laughter and positive attitude, seen in his music, concertgoers are sure to enjoy this lively, healing concert.

            Come August 2017, Wakin will fulfill your request once again with your favourite titles from his list of well-liked hits. This Singapore stop will also mark the last stop of this tour, so do not miss the night with Wakin for a concert full of memories and surprises and also one that is close to your heart!


国民歌王 周华健 回来了!

周华健 今天唱什么 再团圆版


               继2015年在新加坡室内体育馆举办[今天唱什么]巡回演唱会,国民歌王周华健确定将在2017年8月26日重返新加坡再度举办[周华健 今天唱什么 再团圆版] 巡回新加坡站!届时除了将带来多首耳熟能详的金曲如[朋友],[花心]等,还有重新改编的 “江湖” 段落将再次惊艳亮相,《难念的经》、《刀剑如梦》、《江湖笑》等一系列八九十年代的 “武侠” 金曲也将配合电视剧中的经典片段现场跨时空还原。

               作为“国民歌王”的周华健一直以温暖的形象深入人心,2015年的新加坡演唱会就有许多年轻歌迷带着自己的父母一起来看,感受有周华健歌声陪伴的全家团圆的温暖。而这次的[今天唱什么—再团圆版] 将延续温暖感动,适逢今年也是周华健出道30周年,为此周华健也将专门安排了许多特别环节,邀请歌迷朋友们再度相聚新加坡,一起共同纪念这个日子。

               周华健曾表示,“这辈子唯一的职业就是歌手,最大的愿望就是大家想听什么?我就唱什么!” 因此把巡演取名为《今天唱什么》,希望让歌迷听完演唱会不要有遗憾。不管是和家人、朋友还是爱人在一起,不管是开心还是难过,在每个关键时刻,总会有一首“周华健”在心底响起。 2016年8月26日,周华健邀所有歌迷朋友在新加坡室内体育馆 “再团圆” ,而新加坡站也将是这次[今天唱什么]巡回的最终站,大家绝对不能错过让华健的歌声陪伴大家温暖整个夜晚!


  • Sat, Aug 26 at 8:00 PM

    Doors Open Time: 7:00pm
    Duration: Approx. 2 hours

    Language: Chinese

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