Sat, May 20

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Singapore Indoor Stadium
Sat, May 20

千年一音 Voices of Harmony 2017

Singapore Indoor Stadium

Sat, May 20

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Since 1969, the Singapore Buddhist Free Clinic (SBFC) has helped relieve the suffering of the poor and needy through its provision of free Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments.

To enable SBFC to continue its 48 years of charity and indispensable service across its 7 centres today, the Voices of Harmony 2017 concert hopes to raise funds and awareness of the mission of SBFC.

Voices of Harmony promises an exciting array of sacred world Buddhist music, soulful songs, dynamic dances and familiar tunes for everyone.

Highlights include performances by Venerable Kwang Sheng and internationally acclaimed humanitarian, singer and UNICEF Nepal Ambassador, Ani Choying Drolma.

In addition, young piano prodigy Niu Niu, will join us here in Singapore. Niu Niu had his first concert at 6 years old, and became a recording artist for EMI when he was 10. He has since performed at many prestigious halls across Europe, Asia and the United States.

Accompanying the evening is a specially assembled East-Meets-West Orchestra, made up of musicians from various disciples, demonstrating unity and harmony as one.

This evening of celebration will awaken the souls of our audiences and fill each heart with compassion as we invite you to be our source of strength and voice.


"新加坡佛教施诊所(简称SBFC), 自1969年开始就一直在“慈悲喜舍” 的宗旨下,提供施医赠药的服务,默默为贫困和饱受疾病折磨的人施出援手,以传统中医中药为普罗大众解除苦痛,让病黎在复健的路上奌亮盏盏充满爱的心灯…



其中最让人嘱目的是,年轻演奏家牛牛和人道主义者-- 世界兒童慈善基金会尼泊尔大使琼英卓玛的演出。广声大和尚也将担纲晚会中的多项演出节目。

"牛牛”是近年来响彻中外乐壇的一个名字。这位年轻鋼琴演奏家在他6岁时就开始了他人生的第一场演奏会,10岁时百代唱片公司(EMI) 就为他出第一张唱片。近年来他的巡廻演出更是跨越亚洲和欧美各地。

除了以上三位重量级表演嘉宾,還有馬来西亜手集团,新加坡聚舞坊, Vocal Associates Chorus n Children Choir 和参与演出交响乐团成员也是来自本地的顶端音乐人才,我们相信这是一场集东,西方音乐之美,化不同为和谐的音乐饗宴。



  • Sat, May 20 at 7:30 PM

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