Sat, Aug 11

Singapore Indoor Stadium
Sat, Aug 11

[CANCELLED] Teresa Teng Virtual Reality World Tour 2018 邓丽君虚拟人再现 2018 世界巡回演唱会

Singapore Indoor Stadium

Sat, Aug 11

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Due to technical issues, we regret to inform you that the show “Teresa Teng Virtual Reality World Tour 2018” will be cancelled. We hope to bring the show back in the near future. Full refunds would be given for all customers who have purchased the tickets. For enquiries, please call Sportshubtix at 3158 7888 or email [email protected]. Thank you.

With the help of Holographic technology, one of Asia’s most beloved and recognisable singer, Teresa Teng, will be making a virtual comeback on 11 August at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. “Teresa Teng Virtual Reality World Tour 2018” is the first large scale Mandopop concert of its kind in Singapore.

A superstar, Teng’s presence in the Chinese community was concretized by the saying – "Wherever there are Chinese people, there will be Teng's songs". 23 years after her passing, Teng’s legacy and influence have lived on as her songs continue to touch the hearts of many generations and is still widely performed by many today.

Teresa Teng Foundation together with California-based multimedia company, Digital Domain, will bring the songstress back by using cutting-edge virtual reality technology. Through the interplay of lights, laser, projection and video as well as a wide array of special effects, audiences will be brought into the dreamy yet enchanting world of Teng and her music. From Teng’s appearance to her manniserims and voice, every detail will be vividly portrayed, bringing the concert experience to a whole new level.

Sharing the stage would be Vanatsaya Viseskul, Chen Jia and Wang Jing, whose voices all bear a striking resemblance to Teng and Jamii Szmadzinski, famed violinist, two-time Grammy winner and former music director of the Cirque du Solei.


因为技术上的问题,“邓丽君虚拟人再现 2018 世界巡回演唱会” 将会被取消。对此所造成的任何不便,我们深感抱歉。我们希望能在不久的将来再把这场精彩的演出带回新加坡。已购票的观众将会以电邮、电话或简讯方式收到退款通知。如有任何问题,请拨 3158 7888 或电邮[email protected]询问。谢谢。

来临的8月11日, “邓丽君虚拟人再现 2018 世界巡回演唱会” 将于新加坡室内体育馆隆重举行。这场演唱会是新加坡首个通过虚拟影像重建技术的大型华语流行音乐演唱会。

歌坛永远的巨星,邓丽君离开人世已经23年。 她的歌声,维系着全球华人的同胞情怀,更是几代华人的共同记忆。她的演艺足迹遍及台湾、新加坡、香港、日本、美国、东南亚等地,也发表过国语、马来语、日语、英语、闽南语、粤语、印尼语等不计其数的歌曲,对华语乐坛的启蒙与发展产生深远影响。

很多邓丽君的歌迷都因没有机会亲历 “邓丽君演唱会” 的现场而倍感遗憾。今天, 科技将弥补这个遗憾。邓丽君虚拟人演唱会将通过华丽的照明和激光、雾状效果、动态图片等各种特殊效果及舞蹈演出,让观众们有种沉浸其中的感觉,提供丰富多彩的看点,眼前仿佛实际出现舞台上的明星。

演唱会也请来了三位声线酷似邓丽君的朗嘎拉姆、陈佳和王静,以及新世纪音乐教父(Jamii Szmadzinski)担任特别嘉宾。


  • Sat, Aug 11 at 7:30 PM

    Doors Open Time: 6:30pm
    Duration: Approx. 2 hours

    Language: Chinese

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