Sun, Jun 11

Esplanade Recital Studio
Sun, Jun 11

SOAR by Stringanza

Esplanade Recital Studio

Sun, Jun 11

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SOAR by Stringanza, is a novel recital featuring traditional Chinese instrument, Erhu, in a western quartet presentation. A feast for the eyes and treat for the ears, Stringanza synergizes popular tunes with visual projections and lighting to make the recital more enjoyable. Soar with them on this musical journey across the sky as we bring you various pieces with inspiration drawn from the endless sky! If you have never watched a Chinese instrument recital or chamber concert, SOAR,  presents you the enormous depth of Chinese music in bite-size, perfect for your entertainment and knowledge. Buy your tickets today! 




  • Sun, Jun 11 at 5:00 PM

    Doors Open Time: 4:30pm
    Duration: Approx. 1 hour

    Languages: English / Mandarin

Admission Policy

1. Admission to show/venue by full ticket only. Printed or electronic tickets must be produced for admission.

2. Infants in arms and children under 3 years old will not be admitted into the performance venue.

3. Adults and children 3 years old and above will each require a ticket for admission.

4. Possession of a ticket does not reserve a specific seat position, unless otherwise stated on the ticket.

5. Latecomers will only be admitted during intervals, if any.

6. NO professional and/or flash photography and videography allowed during the performance.

7. NO eating and/or drinking allowed at the performance venue.

Exchange And Refund Policy

1. The Organiser/Venue Owner reserves the right without refund or compensation to refuse admission/evict any person(s) whose conduct is disorderly or inappropriate or who poses a threat to security, or to the enjoyment of the Event by others.

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3. The resale of ticket(s) at the same or any price in excess of the initial purchase price is prohibited.

4. There is no refund, exchange, upgrade or cancellation once ticket(s) are sold.

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