Sat, Jun 2

National Stadium
Sat, Jun 2

Mayday 2018 Life Tour 五月天 2018 人生无限公司 新加坡 无限放大版

National Stadium

Sat, Jun 2

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    Start: 4 Jan (Thu), 10:00am
    End: 5 Jan (Fri), 11:59pm
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    Start: 6 Jan (Sat), 10:00am

    CAT 1: $298
    CAT 2: $248
    CAT 3: $198
    CAT 4: $168
    CAT 5: $128
    CAT 6: $98

    ► Limited to only 8 tickets per transaction.
    ► Ticket Pricing excludes Booking Fee.

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Taiwanese rock band MAYDAY will return to the National Stadium for the first time in eight years with MAYDAY 2018 LIFE Tour in Singapore! Fans are in for a treat this June 2018 with an exhilarating concert experience!!

MAYDAY 2017 LIFE TOUR, which spanned three days at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last December drew an overwhelming response with all tickets snapped up upon launch! At their last day show in Singapore on 17th Dec, MAYDAY announced the exciting news that they will be returning to Singapore in June 2018 performing at the Singapore National Stadium!

With a larger venue, the stage production of MAYDAY 2018 LIFE Tour will replicate that of their Beijing National Stadium, Kaohsiung National Stadium and Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium Tour. 20 impressive spire buildings of 14-storeys high, signifies MAYDAY 20 years of music journey; over 2400 LED panels will also enable more than 30 different kinds of stage transformations – and these are just two of the highlights that the mega stage will bring.

To ensure that the sound quality is maintained, the production team has conducted recces and referenced the premium sound system previously used at British rock band Coldplay’s concert to bring a better concert experience for all. Fans may also expect new elements at the concert.

Returning on a larger stage, and with more spectacular lighting and sound effects, be sure to join MAYDAY on their return to Singapore National Stadium after 8 years on 2nd Jun 2018! 


        时隔8年 “演唱会之王” 五月天 重返 新加坡国家体育场!

「人生号宇宙战舰」升级空降新加坡  感官享受带领社员航向无限

人生无限公司 新加坡 “无限放大版” 明年6月 加班举行!

               时隔8年 “演唱会之王“ 五月天正式宣布将在明年6月2日重返新加坡国家体育场举行 [五月天 2018 人生无限公司 巡回演唱会 新加坡 “无限放大版”]!已经多次在新加坡演唱会上说想要到国家体育场开唱的五月天,终于将在明年6月重返全新的国家体育场开唱!

               有别于新加坡室内体育馆可容纳的舞台面积, “人生无限公司 – 无限放大版” 将把北京鸟巢, 高雄世运主场馆及桃园棒球场的硬体原汁原味的移师狮城! 在硬体呈现上将更加壮观,象征成军二十週年的20座尖塔打造出14层楼高的「人生的移动城堡」,以及2400片LED更能随着节目进行能任意幻化成「摇滚万岁唱片行」、「无限大教堂」、「天空总署发射台」等超过30种舞台造型变化,呈现「2018人生无限公司-无限放大版」无限延伸的制霸特效,体验声光交错的震撼视听觉。而这次的舞台横跨左右长度也破了国家体育场的舞台记录,是近期内在此演出最壮观的设计!值得一提的是, 五月天音响团队为了确保音响品质2度到场地堪察, 并参考了英国天团 Coldplay 在同场地使用的音响设备, 务必让观众不但能看到, 更能清楚的听到五月天! 在演出内容上,五月天也表示将会把今年的节目稍做调整,也可能有新作品带给大家!

               五月天 2018 人生无限公司 巡回演唱会 新加坡 “无限放大版“ 将在2018年6月2日于新加坡国家体育场举行,时隔8年,全新的场地,更大的舞台,炫目的声光效果及数万人的齐声合唱,五月天 2018 人生无限公司 巡回演唱会 新加坡 “无限放大版“ 等你一起来加班打卡!


  • Sat, Jun 2 at 7:30 PM

    Doors Open Time: 6:00pm
    Duration: Approx. 3 hours

    Language: Mandarin

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