Sat, Jan 6

Esplanade Recital Studio
Sat, Jan 6

Kelvin "Ray of Light" Concert 陈伟联 “光盲” 2018 演唱会

Esplanade Recital Studio

Sat, Jan 6

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Singapore’s visually impaired Superstar Kelvin Chen will be staging his long awaited intimate solo concert at Esplanade Recital Studio on 6th January 2018, 3pm.

Praised by critics, media and musicians all over Asia for his touching renditions and flawless singing techniques, Kelvin returns with a solo concert at the relentless anticipation of his fans.

Esplanade Recital Studio was specially selected due to its up close and personal setting. This enables Kelvin to hear and feel the audience within a closer proximity and gives him the opportunity to interact in a comfortable space with his audience.

During this show, attendees are expected to immerse themselves in his voice and music without external disturbance, similar to how someone's attention will be drawn to a ray of light in the darkness.

Besides performing his greatest hits such as <I Love You>, <Fairytale>, <Love Hate> etc, Kelvin will also be staging a special "dedication" segment during the concert. He will be opening his song list for fans' dedications to their loved ones on his official Facebook. Fans will be able to request for their favorite songs with messages to their loved ones. Kelvin will select some requested songs to be sang LIVE exclusively for this concert.

Fans of Kelvin’s voice and music, do not miss this chance to catch him LIVE on 6th January 2018, 3PM, at Esplanade Recital Studio!



期盼已久,大家最爱的‘盲侠’陈伟联终于将再次举办久违了的个人演唱会!陈伟联《光盲》 2018演唱会即将在2018年1月6日,下午3点,于新加坡滨海艺术中心的音乐室 (Esplanade Recital Studio) 举行。

光 x 盲


经典 x 点唱
这次的演唱会将以经典外加点唱的方式进行。除了带来首首的经典歌曲,如大家喜爱的《I Love You》、《爱恨难》、《想着你的感觉》、《火柴天堂》、《童话》等等,陈伟联也将在自己的官方Facebook上开放让歌迷留言点歌!陈伟联会从歌迷的留言中选出几首歌曲现场演唱给大家听。 这难得的点唱机会,大家切勿错过了!请关注陈伟联官方Facebook,留意点唱详情!


  • Sat, Jan 6 at 3:00 PM

    Doors Open Time: 2:30pm
    Duration: Approx. 75 minutes

    Language: Chinese

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