Sat, Jan 20

Singapore Art Museum, Front Lawn
Sat, Jan 20

Harvest: Artist and Curator Talk SAM Front Lawn Commission by Gerald Leow

Singapore Art Museum, Front Lawn

Sat, Jan 20

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    ► The talk will be held outdoors, subjected to weather conditions.
    ► Meeting point is at SAM Front Porch.


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Hear Singaporean artist Gerald Leow and SAM Curatorial Co-Head Joyce Toh speak about the making of Harvest, SAM’s latest commission for the Front Lawn as part of Singapore Art Week, on view from 17 January 2018.

Free admission, ticket registration is required.
The talk will be held outdoors, subjected to weather conditions.
Meeting point is at SAM Front Porch.

The area of Bras Basah has lived many lives, and its current moniker comes from beras basah – Malay for “wet rice” – so named for the stench of decaying rice transported by ships to the harbour in the past. Harvest is a rice granary that harks to the history of the neighbourhood, even as it draws upon the graphic imagery of more modern times.

A kind of vernacular architecture, the lumbung – as the rice granary is known in Malay – once dotted the region’s landscapes with its distinctive high pointed roof. The lumbung would also have certain design features specific to its purpose as a storehouse, such as the circular disc at each leg that was a guard against rats.

Occupying the Front Lawn of Singapore Art Museum (SAM), this lumbung is sited within the curved embrace of the colonial architecture of the SAM building, which is the former St. Joseph’s Institution. In contrast to SAM’s stone and brickwork, Harvest echoes its forebears and is constructed from wood. Yet, of note, the material used here is recycled pine and birch wood, the same kind used for the crates that freight artworks for museum exhibitions.

Closer examination also reveals that the sculpture is assembled from the modular unit of a more recent, if unexpected, origin – an abstracted form of the letters used in the logo of the 1980s’ heavy metal band, Judas Priest. Notions of font and ‘fount of knowledge’ come together as Harvest now sits on the premises of the once-school and now-museum – spaces of learning and discovering the world.

Gerald Leow (b. 1984, Singapore) is an artist who creates works across varied media. He lives and works in Singapore.

Image: Gerald Leow, Cribs (2015), Exhibition view at Palais de Tokyo. Courtesy of Gerald Leow.



  • Sat, Jan 20 at 4:00 PM

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